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promotional products

All about promotional products.

Monday, 30. January 2012

Different Seasonal Promotional Products

By promotionalproducts2, 14:10

There are different promotional products that businesses and companies choose to fit the different seasons or occasions lined up for the year. To start off most products chosen during the new year are calendars, mugs and shirts which are given away by these businesses and banks to their clients and customers. Then comes the Chinese New Year where most promotional items are lucky charms or money envelopes containing special trinkets mostly handed out by Chinese owned businesses to usher in good luck for their customers and clients for the new year. Browse through some of the promotional materials used during different seasons or occasions below.


Chinese New Year - For those businesses that believe in strong and positive luck to emanate from their establishment, they hand out promotional products in the form of lucky trinkets or gift items and sometimes different finger foods serve during a Chinese New Year feast. This not only helps promote their establishment and further rake in more customers but they also believe that by giving away such lucky gift items, they will become more lucky in their business venture and would accumulate more sales and more customers in the coming new year.


For Valentine’s Day - Valentine’s Day is all about the couples, newlyweds and sweethearts out there. This is the time of the year where the best promotional products to hand out are red t-shirts, chocolates, fancy jewelries and pastries. The major businesses who will be benefiting from such occasion are the chocolate stores, flower stores and couples shirts boutiques. There’s a new clothing line specially designed for couples where the male shirts other half of the design can be found in the females shirt. This is fairly popular today and is a great promotional item to hand out to customers and clients.


Summer Season – When talking about summer the first thing that a person may think about is sitting on a beach and also swimming. This is when companies and businesses hand out different promotional items that fit perfectly for the summer season. They’ll hand out swim wears and beach balls for kinds, sun block lotions, sunglasses, and different head gear to protect against the scorching heat of the sun. This is also a perfect opportunity for them to promote their business and company by sponsoring different kinds of events either sports or concerts etc. held at the beach.


School Opening – This is the perfect time for companies and businesses and even distributors of different school supplies to hand out their promotional products. Their targeted individuals are the parents or the kids themselves who use their school supplies daily. These products vary from backpacks, pens, notebooks, etc. anything that a student would need in class. They would give away some promotional items that they will attach to the product they are selling for free. Some of these businesses even go to different schools to further promote their products and of their tutorial services they provide for kids and teenagers.

Thursday, 15. December 2011

Why Would Promotional Jackets Be Useful For Marketing Business

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By chance, if you have some plans of doing some marketing strategies for your business as a way to increase its exposure to the public then you might as well give some consideration to the use of promotional jackets because not only it can served itself as a tool for promotion but it is handy when the weather is cold.


Of course, turning to promotional products like jackets will certainly be inevitable as time goes by and as you continue to try all the other common items like the key chains, wallets and the likes because believe it or not, promotional garments aren't that usually used for give-aways since it cost a lot more as compared with small products like pens and so on.


A lot of companies sells various kinds of jackets particularly those kinds that are designed specifically for promotional purposes and so, it is for certain that you will have an easy time in finding and choosing the right supplier for the item that you prefer and also, the majority of them will usually handle the imprinting of your logo to the garment.


Keep in mind that it is quite easy to find the right company if you search for them right on the Internet because you can also quickly compare their rates side by side which allows you to make a better decision and not to mention that you can easily check out the different designs that is available and find one that you prefer.


If at all possible, choose a design and style that entice people to look and scrutinize the jacket since with a wide range of choices to choose from, it is quite possible to find one that is certainly appealing to the eyes and once you've been able to pick the design, don't forget to do some split-testing in order to maximise the potential of the design.


Lastly, it is important to remember that using jackets for the purpose of promotion is both good and awesome because it can provide you a large canvas to put your logo in and it is useful during those cases when people needs something to warm themselves and so, basically it has dual purpose which makes it worth both the money and time.

Monday, 07. November 2011

Personalised Hoodies Bring Players Closer Together

By promotionalproducts2, 14:44
Having matching uniforms builds up team spirit. This has been recognised by sports teams and they provide their team members with uniforms that they can wear while they are at play or not. Among the most preferred uniforms that can be used by teams are personalised hoodies. These apparels are a great a means to bring people closer together and share a common purpose and interest.

The strong connection

Hoodies allow members to create a great transition from the playing field to the real life every day. They are great to connect them even if they are not the sports field. When personalized, hoddies obtain the added touch while teams are dressed uniformly with attractive and professional looks. These items have enough versatility and give the most benefits on a lot of organizations and groups.

Available options

Personalizing hoodies with both the attached personalization and actual garment can be done in many ways. Majority of hoodies are made from 100 percent cotton and this makes them perfectly fine for a long use. Lightweight hoodies are perfect for sports teams that would love to practice with their hoodies. The combination of polyester and cotton are a common choice. The quality of the garment in every hoodie provides extra protection to their wearers. These items can give extra insulation when sports teams practice during winter months. Personalised hoodies can carry the name of the team and personalization can be done through screen-printing and embroidery. Although embroidery could be more expensive than printing, it does not give the possibility of the lettering to lose with heavy wear.

Sports teams are always proud to wear their hoodies because this is a way for them to show their pride of their time. During huge sports events, these items are perfect to get everyone together. The grouping of teams according to hoodies worn makes it easier to recognize the association of one player to their own team.

Saturday, 05. November 2011

Promotional Drink Bottles and Their Importance to People and Businesses

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Promotional drink bottles are valuable liquid containers that attract a wide range of customers in the market. These help customers deal with heat and weather changes. Drink bottles are environmentally friendly and reusable. These lower down the number of disposable plastic or paper cups being used in special occasions which normally end up in the garbage can at the end of the day.

How to attract clients with drink bottles

Creating better ideas to personalize your drink bottles is one way to attract aspiring clients. Proper distribution would depend on the type of community event where these bottles will be given away. Enhancing a drink bottle to be pre-filled with cold drink or lollies and sports bar will add extra attraction to the clients. Customize each bottle with your chosen colors, special shapes and logos. There are various styles available and lots of flexibility in imprinting the bottles. You can also put different designs of straps on them. You have the option to use fancy drink bottles for corporate gifts as well.

Usability and appearance

The uses of promotional drink bottles vary depending on the type of activities where they appear. They are used as containers for refreshments to individuals who are going for trips, jogging, climbing and other sports activities. The main purpose is to make sure that this item will appear everywhere the user will go while ensuring the visibility of the company name and logo on them. It is important that if people don’t like the glance of the drink bottles, they will not use them.

The elegance and good quality of these bottles are highly effective to allow your recipients to make use of them all the time. The usability and look of these products make them a perfect choice for your promotion. It is just important that your order your drink bottles from a reliable supplier who will give you just quality items.

Friday, 28. October 2011

Promotional Products and their Flexibility

By promotionalproducts2, 09:10
Every year, thousands and even millions of promotional items are being created, shipped and given to a lot of consumers. Most of the times, when people receive promotional products, they normally accept, appreciate and remember the company or business that sponsored the free items. This is a very positive outcome in marketing and this will help your business in the long run.

Giving away promotional products would benefit your business and the consumers. These items can also be used to make employees feel better about their work. You must think of a few things before choosing the item you want to use. It will make a very big difference if you know who will get it and how it will be distributed to potential customers.

What kind of promotional products you should use?

Promotional products are the secret weapons of promoting your business. It includes decorative and useful items that are associated with your company name. They will represent your company as you endorse your services, products and company’s agenda. They can also be advertising specialties, awards, apparel, commemorative prizes, business gifts and many more. These promotional products usually have imprinted logo, message and brand name of company. They can be personalized depending on your advertising needs and requirements.

How can you be sure it’s the right item?

You can think of many promotional items in several ways. Some you can make it as samples while others can be trinkers. Trinkers cover anything that you can customize for your company. The right item for you is something that fits your business. If you are selling wines then you can customize key chains that look like a bottle of wine. If you sell paper you can give stapler or pen to people.

It is important also to think about what people usually use. If you are giving people in the IT department you can give them USB, mouse pad or other computer accessories. You can give away baseball caps to people who are on the go. So, if you want the items to be valued, think of the right recipients.

Stress Relieving Advertising through Promotional Stress Balls

By promotionalproducts2, 08:38
Stress balls vary in forms and shapes, from the usual small globes to miniature animals and characters. They are made up of three materials such as gel, foam, and powder. Usually, these fun toys enhance relaxation and assert stress relief by squeezing. Moreover, these balls are used as great tools in preventing stress injuries that occurs repeatedly and in relieving pain caused by arthritis as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stress Balls for your Business

In addition to its great contribution on health, stress balls nowadays are also used in the business industry as an effective material for promotion. These promotional stress balls are imprinted with your company or business owner’s name or logo, so whenever customers use these stress balls for relaxation, they will be left thinking about you and your company.

How Promotional Stress Balls Work

During stressful office hours or tough day at home, promotional stress balls can be a great way to relive the strenuous atmosphere. Squeezing these balls during a meeting or even while reading bills will enable its users to melt away their tension. Since these fluffy objects bear your company’s logo and name, a constant exposure on your business firm will be provided. Moreover, most people would keep their stress relievers as accessories on key chains or simply above the desk leaving them with a fun and effective reminder of your company.

Advantages of Promotional Stress Balls

As compared to other promotional materials, using Promotional stress balls is the most convenient and affordable mean of advertising your business firm. While other tools used for publicity provide entertainment and beauty, stress balls promote health and total being of its users aside from the fact that it can make dull moments more fun. Moreover, when a person’s tension and stress level gets high, throwing them around can be an acceptable outlet.

Wednesday, 26. October 2011

Promotional Leather Compendium: Organize Things the Smartest Way

By promotionalproducts2, 08:57
Advertising is definitely not about the hype, costly packages. Rather, businesses would want to look for the most cost-effective means to promote their brands. This search would include the use of promotional products that are customer-focused and quality-assured. Among the most efficient products that will give businesses the most advantage is promotional leather compendium.

Importance of Leather Compendiums

Compendiums have been useful to people in the business world especially executives, business associates and file employees who have a lot of things to be organized. These items allow them to record their daily task and store their most important documents such as phone numbers, addresses and meeting notes. The leather in the compendiums makes them the classiest products to help them to organize things in a stylish and smart way.

Selections of Leather Compendiums

Often, compendiums are featured with additional pockets to allow users to store their business cards and papers, pen loop, calculator, pens or papers. They are made with flaps that may be zipped or not. Many of them are also made with rings to hold papers even if they are not part of the pad. Leather compendiums that have all these extra features make a perfect corporate giveaway. Promotional leather compendium is designed to last long and enhance a corporate image of being a brand that cares a lot about proper organization of things and elegance.

Leather compendiums are available in different finishes, formats and designs. They can be personalized to cater to your needs and taste. You can have your logo imprinted on them to maximize your promotional goal. They are a terrific means if you are looking for handy and cost-effective products to display your company name and logo in a very attractive way. These items promise efficiency and durability to bring your brand to the largest customer population.

Promotional Keyrings are made to Meet Your Marketing Need and Budget

By promotionalproducts2, 05:14
It is not necessary to choose expensive items to make your advertising effective. The best thing to do in choosing the best promotional items that suits your business is by weighing its practicality, portability and cost. Promotional keyrings possess these traits that make them powerful advertising tools.

What makes it practical to use promotional keyrings?

Promotional keyrings serve a clear purpose to all people. They are practical simply because they are always used by people and every use generates exposure of your company. Key rings are often used for office keys, home, school, accessories for mobile phones and bags. Key rings are always remembered when locking up the house before leaving for work, unlocking the car, cabinets and other places that use key for security. People manage keys all day; the list of its uses is endless and each one of those items is an opportunity to build a connection with new potential clients.

How it becomes a portable item

The portability of key rings comes if they are customized and personalized with a unique design. When an unusual key ring is used in front of other people, it generates interest in the item and the advertising it carries. Key rings are easily transported from one place to another and enhance a maximum exposure to aspiring customers.

The cost is always an important consideration when buying promotional items. It is quite difficult to strike a balance between quality and cost but there is enormous variety of key rings available. They come in plastic, metal, acrylic and leather that are made with a combination of styles and finishes to meet your advertising needs. The pull apart key chain that comes with the keyrings can be imprinted with company details which will bring your message to the crowd. This makes your keyrings able to communicate a very high quality image for your brand.

Friday, 07. October 2011

Promotional Keyrings: Practical Advertising Tools

By promotionalproducts2, 12:41
Advertising a company name and product is not an easy task. For marketing staffs it is the area in business where they could show their strategic skills in their field. Exposing the company name and product to the market can be done through promotional gift items. These items should provide a way to build trust between business owners and consumers.

How to choose a promotional gift items?

One of the most important forms of advertising is the use of promotional items. These are the roots of a successful brand promotion. Therefore it is important to choose the right promotional item to be distributed to the customers. Consider first its usefulness, durability and availability to all individuals. Make sure the items you will give away will not be wasted and will last longer than necessary. It is also essential to use promotional gift items which all types of people will embrace like promotional keyrings.

Why use promotional keyrings?

Individuals of all ages would love promotional keyrings. Thus, promoting your product and company name with this would be easy. This is very useful in our everyday lives. Anyone who has a key could use this for security. Personalize the key rings and put your product name and company on it. This give people a way to remember your company logo every time they will be using the key attached to the key ring.

How can you personalize the keyrings?

Make your own design simple and practical. Your creation must depend on the individuals and the location where you will distribute your items. You can make it plastic made and give it to children. It can be made of better materials like silver and give it to executives and other individuals with higher position. No matter what design, size and shape you want to have your keyrings, as long as the items have your company name and logo in them, they will be your walking billboard.

People always have keys for their doors, lockers or car and they would not want to misplace them. This is the reason giving them keyrings from your company is certainly a practical decision.

Thursday, 22. September 2011

Roadside Kit: For Your Safety, Anytime, Anywhere

By promotionalproducts2, 08:24
Vehicular mishaps can happen anytime while you are on the road. Your roadside kit may be the only solution to your problem. You might consider it as an added bulk in your car, but you and your passengers’ safety is always important.

What is a Roadside Kit?

A roadside kit is a collection of helpful supplies that drivers should keep inside their vehicles. It is not just composed of car repair tools or first aid supplies. It’s actually a combination of the two and several other items such as manuals, mobile phones, clothing, non-perishable food, water, paper, pen, and other things that you may need in case you get stuck up in a particular place during your journey because of one reason or another.

Why Is it Important for Drivers?

You may run out of gas or your tire might fail in places where there are no repair shops, and you have to either wait for so long so that it would be fixed. Assuming that you do not know how to fix your own car, you can get a hold of the things that you need from your roadside kit- such as food, water, alcohol and blanket- while waiting for your car repair provider. If you decide on fixing the car yourself, you may acquire some cuts or burns in the process, and of course you’d need medical supplies to treat them. Your kit can practically save you from many sorts of trouble that you might face while you are driving, especially during nighttime.

Where Should You Buy Your Own Roadside Kit?

You can purchase them online or from dealers near you. But roadside kits actually depend on who uses them. Once you already purchased your own, it is good to add those that you personally need and cannot be found in those kits that we have in the market, like clothes, and (prescribed) medicines. A roadside kit is a helpful container that will safeguard you when your car breaks down. It must contain all necessary tools that you will need in case you need some help while you are on the road.

Wednesday, 21. September 2011

How a Promotional Ruler Get You Noticed

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Promotional products are specially designed to merchandise a variety of items you can keep as souvenirs. The purpose of promoting is to let people be aware of your company and let it be identified in the market. All you need is a perfect tool to do this.

What Can Play the Role?

There is no doubt that a ruler is helpful for engineers, travelers, mentors and other professionals who are engaged in measurements. This is often seen in schools, offices, and businesses and it is a perfect item for advertising.

What Makes It Different?

A promotional ruler has more advantages than any promotional products. It is basically cheap and kept for its specific use. There is no need to set a big budget to advertise your company .You can choose a package of orders for this in websites depending on your budget. Rulers are assured to be always in the market. The usefulness and value of a promotional ruler assures you that it will not be thrown away by your recipient. You just need to give emphasis on the quality of this product in choosing the best promotional rulers. Rulers of good quality will provide you of countless advertisements and more years of promotions. Imprint your business logo on these items and make the market identify your business.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few tips in choosing a promotional ruler. The space must be maximizing because unlike other materials used in advertising its printing space is limited. Create an attractive design for your business logo to easily capture the attention of your consumers. Select a ruler depending on the location and event at you want to advertise your company. Make sure to stay on budget despite the affordability of rulers.

People may not prioritize a ruler in their offices but in the long run when given as a promotional gift item they will notice its importance and would take interest on your company as well. It is a promotional that will give a worth to every penny you spent.

Saturday, 17. September 2011

Tips on the Effectiveness of Promotional Pedometer as a Marketing Tool

By promotionalproducts2, 07:43
A lot of people have put a high regard on the importance of health. Tapping into this thinking would mean you a ticket to promote your brand. It is a brilliant idea to promote your business with the use of items that are associated to health. One item that can help you fulfill this goal is a pedometer. Promotional pedometer is a low-cost option that depicts your participation and support to healthy lifestyles. For you to be more convinced about the efficiency of promotional pedometers to do a great marketing work for you, here are tips that you can consider.

Preventing Illnesses

Individuals who may be afflicted with certain illnesses are expected to seek the help of physicians and pharmaceuticals to get treatment and relief. But, the best medicine could be a device that can motivate them to stay healthy and fit. Pedometers are the perfect regimens for them to stay in shape and have an active lifestyle.

Lowering Cost for Health Care

Small and large businesses use pedometers in promoting a healthier lifestyle to their staff which would mean lessening health care costs. They do this as insurance cost has become highly expensive. Giving away promotional pedometer helps people understand the importance of practicality in their expense management.

Increasing Customer Retention and Loyalty

Imprinting your logo on pedometers that will be worn by your recipients during fitness sessions is a great means to get maximum exposure of your business. You can also expect the appreciation and gratefulness of people for having received a pedometer from you. The more recipients you will have, the more chances you will give your company to be known to the public. As your recipients use them every day, they will be reminded about how they obtain the items and will certainly be among your loyal customers.

Friday, 16. September 2011

How Stubby Holders Help Ensure Brand Awareness

By promotionalproducts2, 12:38
Stubby holders are made to help maximize the efficiency and taste of any beverage. You may not hear about these items before because they are well known as echo holders or coolers. They are specially designed to hold any kind of canned beverages and at the same time keep it cold for you. Stubby holders are normally used on situations like picnics, trips, weddings, and affairs in amusement parks where people are enjoying and having a real good time. This is what makes them a perfect tool for your marketing strategy. The minds of the consumers are at state in places like this which will allow them to talk about your company and be able to give positive feelings and good experiences.

What’s In The Holder?

A stubby holder is made up of a neoprene rubber which keeps your drink cold making it possible to keep the temperature constant inside while obstructing the humidity outside. It is stretchable and flexible as the neoprene rubber permitting different form of bottle to get in smoothly. It is typically considered as non electrical fridge.

How It Gets You Started

To start the marketing process you need to think of a creative unique design for the stubby holders and customize each according to the event you are planning to hold or attend to. You can go for stubby holder printing to come up with a more colorful finish.  One good thing about these items is that they are generally cheap to produce and distribute and they come with the rising demand of beverages.

Where Will It Lead You?

Whether you are after items which will make your drinks cold or find an effective tool for your marketing plans, stubby holders will give you the benefit and would surely amaze you with the way they create recognition for your company. Stubby holder printing is one effective way to ensure the visibility of your company logo or name in the items and guarantee brand awareness.

Wednesday, 14. September 2011

Venture into Creative Advertising with Promotional Golf Balls

By promotionalproducts2, 15:01
The typical, yet expensive way of advertising a product is to use the media. With this, people notice the highlights only in between TV shows or at some huge billboards. Possibility is, people who won’t mind commercials and skip them to see real shows will not be able to watch the advertisement as often as expected. This is the reason companies turn towards more practical and creative advertising techniques. For them, it’s the time to promote the product directly to specific groups of customers.

Golfers are one of the nicest target customer groups. They have little time to spend but you can shell out more customers and clients from them. Promotional golf balls would be the best instruments to get into the world of golfers and get them talking. Put your business and product name on the golf balls and hit your way to the hole.

Using promotional golf balls is a creative way of advertising. Think of how many times the golfers hit the ball in a day and remember your company as they enjoy hitting your ball. Golfers are likely to show off the fantastic golf ball you made for them with their mates. At this point they could be talking about your product for 36, 18 or 9 holes. It’s only a small ball but it’s worth advertising for.

To make your promotional golf balls more attractive to the eyes you need to consider the kind of golf ball, the size of the company logo, the cost and the means of distribution. Golfing is associated with people with affluence and luxury. Take advantage of the opportunity and make your promotional golf ball unique in such a way that golfers will appreciate it and make it a significant item of their golfing days.

If you are new to this kind of venture, you may approach companies who are experts on this field and acquire from them some useful tips on how to run the promotion effectively.

Tuesday, 13. September 2011

Promotional Sports Bottle: Perfect for Both Active and Inactive Individuals

By promotionalproducts2, 15:40
Utilizing promotional sports bottle as a tool to advertise a specific brand or to catch the audiences’ attention is a perfect idea to promote the entire company as a whole. Promotional sports bottle stands out as a primary consideration by most companies for their respective product since this promotional item is often versatile. It can be a perfect item for both genders in all age groups—just perfect for the brand’s publicity. Promotional sports bottle are often advertised in outdoor occasions like tournaments, trade fairs, marathons and many other types of outdoor gatherings.

A promotional sports bottle is a portable item which is very handy for everyone. Today, most fitness-minded individuals would prefer doing their exercise routines using this container. A person who goes out for a little session of brisk walking or simply a walk, or a short time of bicycling or running will often use the bottle to carry along some beverage. If the item has the advertisement of your company, the people who they will meet along the way will be able to see your message in it as well. Giving promotional sports bottle for some clients is certainly not a bad move to make since everybody can utilize it even if they have fitness trainings or not. This sport bottle will somehow serve as your little token or souvenir that will remind them of you, your product and your brand.

One important benefit of using promotional sports bottle for advertising is the reality that the entire face of the bottle can be utilized for a promotion. Compared to promotional bags, pens and caps, sports containers can possess a large label over the body regardless of how odd it will appear. The choice in color as well as design is numerous and there is always the opportunity to customize them. The list of its uses goes on and so does the fact that this promotional sports bottle gives out the best for the company that uses them for their advertising needs.